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You will need: Pair of 4mm (UK 8 – USA 6) knitting needles and Pair of 3.25mm (UK 10 – USA 3) knitting needles for sweater and hat. 4mm (UK 8 – USA 6) 80cm circular needle for Scarf. Stitch holders for sweater.


Add one extra ball of main colour if stripes are not wanted. 


Stylecraft 9705 Sweater, Hat, Scarf (Leaflet)

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  • Cable Panel Shape Raglan. Cast off 4 [4:6:7:8]sts in patt at beg of next 2 rows. 88 [98:104:110:118]sts. Next row (rs): K2, s1, K1, psso, patt to last 4sts, K2tog, K2. Next row: P2, p2tog, patt to last 4sts, P2tog tbl. Work 10 [12:12:14:14] rows dec 1 st, 2 sts in from raglan edge as set. 64 [70:76:78:86]sts. Work 6 [12:16:18:24] rows dec 1 st at each end as before in next and every foll alt row. 58 [58:60:60:62]sts.

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